Sunday, April 11, 2010

Last post before "I'm outta here!"

Training is all done. Sleeping at 17,000 ft (11% O2) almost through the night (but really poor sleep quality), repacking to make sure I dont miss anything.

And the plane was a good thing I called the airlines. All my flight times have changed and the layover in Frankfurt went from 4 hours to 2 hours so my gear has to get checked all the way to Nepal from the start even across airlines. Crossed fingers that it makes it.

Even though I'm allowed 50lbs for the international travel, the flight out of Katmandu only allows 44lbs so I have to re-weigh in different configurations. The technical details.

We'll see how the internet is when I get there, photos will definitely be up when I get back, but am bringing some technology along that might help me post a low-res photo or two if I can get a dial up signal and a post or two here!!!

And can't believe it. On the way home I was so looking to the 8 hour layover in Bangkok to tour the city. Now there are major demonstrations against the government and who knows what will happen over the next few weeks. Rats.

The demonstrations against the government in Nepal are Monday. I leave for Nepal on Wednesday so that should work out well and life will be back to "normal" by the time I arrive. If not, I know how to stay low and keep moving and stay below the radar.

All this to stare up at a big rock...LOL

Interesting stories developing at Everest for this climbing season. The youngest ever to attempt the summit (Jordan Romero) is attempting in the next few weeks, so I might get to meet him.

Or the Sherpa who has summitted more times than anyone and who brought his family to the US for an education.

Or the whole Everest "Season" that is covered well in this blog:

So, I've left you with some of the insight and the fascination that gave this little journey "legs" for me. Now with all the preparation work done, I am off to go visit "the roof".

One last item: April 26. The big day. Party day at the roof...

Sing along-----with me!!

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  1. Craig
    i can hardly wait for a day to day account of your trip.
    love and i wish i could be an angel on your shoulder