Sunday, April 25, 2010

Some sights along the mad dash home

I know that along this adventure, I haven't really been able to do anything but leave you with images in your own mind as I dashed from place to place, trying to figure out a way home. In this, my first posting since arriving home, I think I just want to post some of the photos of the trip and maybe a brief caption or two of each. I hope it will lend a bit to the travels and move concrete images of each place I went. Being home now 24 hours, the jet lag is truly catching up to me and so I will post more in the story when I am more awake. You see as I post this at 10pm, it is 4am in my head. I can do better than to tell my tales at 4am ;) I will add more but till then Enjoy.

Here is the flight that never was. The Thai Airlines flight to Bangkok that the airline kept extending and postponing past any chance of catching another fight out.

Traveling from Frankfurt to Milan through the Swiss Alps on the bullet train.

One nice and clean piece of scenery in Milan;

The insanity of the Milano train station. 200 deep.
Not ready when its your turn? "Then, no soup for you"!!!!

The beautiful city of Genova, Italy along the Med. Sea

And the town "secret". A brick pathway all the way to the top of the mountain.

So after a 3,000 ft climb, you could see vistas like this.

My escape ship. In Italy it was called a "ferry".

Finally a flight that actually did what it was supposed to...from Barcelona to Mexico City before catching a short turnaround flight (3hrs) back to Atlanta.

More to post in a day or two!!


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