Sunday, March 27, 2011

Big Big World, Small Small World

Heading out of Dulles airport in Northern Virginia today for 40 hours of travel to Kathmandu, Nepal. GPS works (it even posted thru to Facebook ..LOL) and the trip leader (Tim Rippel) is making his way to Nepal. The other trekkers I have emailed with are on their way. Like everyone coming together for a rock concert where everybody talks about how big its going to be and how much fun we will all have, we are now coming from around the world to meet and get our own rock stars on. What a big, big world this is. The latest word is that this season is dry and COLD. I am ok with dry as it hopefully will make flights into Lukla safe and on time, but cold I am not all that fond of. In past years it was possible to be at base camp and wear a pair of shorts. Doesnt look like that is a reality this year. First stop up the trail is Namche Bazaar and its already below freezing during the heat of the day. That means that base camp may be with sunglasses, hats, mittens, heavy clothing and no exposed skin. We'll see. How big this world is always seems ironic to me because of all the unknown connections that make it so small. One of Peak Freaks dear friends is "Lama Geshe" who has blessed the climbing equipment of all the expeditions for years at the highest temple in the world.. last year had a stroke. Now back at home, he hopefully will be able to continue the tradition. What makes this so fascinating is the Peak Freaks blog speak of his son (perhaps grandson) who returned home from college to be with family during this uncertain time. Nazareth College. My youngest son, Chris, who played NCAA lacrosse at Nazereth College for 4 years, when I mentioned the name Jigme Dorja Sherpa said he thought he might have had a couple classes with him and that he really was enjoying his time in the states and loved learning. Now, with one degree of separation, there is a family connection to the highest temple on the planet. What a small small world. Roger that. Claw out. Hollar at you from the other side of the world (hayftosotw)

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