Thursday, March 31, 2011

Final Day in Kathmandu

Our last day in Kathmandu, doing the tourist thing....see below the best of the photos..have to get off quick as its 3pm and the power just went off...hope to save the battery of the laptop to post from along the trail to base camp....tomorrow...LUKLA!!! Let me start with a disclaimer...never in my wildest dreams would I do this....anyone who knows me knows this is the LAST think on the planet I would ever do...but photograph some other stupid fool...sure I can do that. the monkeys before the attack... The monkey temple of Kathmandu
The monkey guarding the temple....yeah I was shaking....
Interiror of the temple

Coming up the stairs into the famous Monkey Temple

The prayer wheels
The interior of the temple

The famous monkey temple of kathmandu is what you think it is.....

Monkey family....(anyone who knows me knows that this picture was WAY outside of my comfort zone to take this picture...LOL

Downtown riverfront property....

The thought is that the soul of this elder could not be stopped and has continued to enrich the world around him....

Hindu temple of the really, I cant make this stuff up!

The oldest platform (1000ad) reputed to have been made out of a single great tree.

Inside this castle is where the hindu high priestess age 6, she is isolated and considered the envy of all...taken care of and carried everywhere even to the point she is not allowed to touch the ground...

Oldest temple...1000bc

Dont know why but this banner made me laugh....guess its that irony thing.

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