Friday, March 18, 2011

Wheww...that was a close one!

Last night this blog almost took a tragic turn.

Went for a walk with my wife and got stung by a wasp X2. How crazy...what is the likelihood of a paper wasp in March!!!!! Never saw it coming. No biggie, I've stung tons of times before...but oh, no

This did NOT go the same way!!

10mins..hands and feet on fire and itching.
20 mins face swelled up and I turned scarlet and stomach started cramping up like the flu! Downed two benadryl tabs and we are on the way to the ER!

Never knew what anaphylaxic shock felt like but it is REALLY hard to concentrate..makes you very foggy headed. They had no beds available but with a short 10min wait for triage and 5mins with triage nurse I was in the hallway getting an IV with 25mg IV benadryl (next time chew the damn pills...what was I thinking!! [oh thats right I wasnt!]) and a nice dose of steriods.

1hr later back on my feet with an epipen script and some prednisone tabs and walked out feeling VERY lucky.

Wheww...that was close! What are the odds????


  1. Craig you are going to make it this time and don't accept anything less than climbing to Base Camp...

  2. They have redi tabs that are dissolve on the tongue and melt ways. No chewing needed. Get those for your first aid kit and your new epi prescription.