Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Last day in Dingboche

Greetings from the trail. Today was our last test before heading up the trail to base camp. We climbed Nama Tshing (could have butchered the name dont hold me to it) with is 18,000 feet tall. 4 hours up, 1 hour for summit lunch and then 1 hour down...6 hours round trip. This is our trip leaders test to see if we are up for the altitude at kala patar and basecamp. I passed!

Tomorrow we head up the trail and from all acounts out of range for awhile so send good karma this cold snap stops (dont think it broke freezing today) and for the snow flurries of the afternoon to stop..(makes it colder than it is).

There were pics from today but will have to wait for a later post.

So deep up the trail towards Mount Everest...not much in the way now....

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