Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Now onto the Expedition Team's Story


Now that I am back, I want to make sure that no one loses sight that the real story of Everest this year is just now unfolding. My trek to Basecamp was with a great group of trekkers at the beginning of the Everest climbing season to reach my goal and now the Peak Freak expeditioners who were our traveling companions are setting up their route to attempt to climb Everest. This will happen over the rest of this month and next.

My story is wrapping up and theirs is now fully underway! Please follow my peeps as they make their dreams come true. Here is a link to the expedition blog!

To give you a background on these fellow adrenaline junkies, here is a link to their bios. Fascinating group and great personalities, each one of them! On the bio page picture, you might even recognize lil 'ol me in the front. :)


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