Monday, April 11, 2011

pictures from last few days..sorry internet down in nepal

EBC glacier formations More glacier formations Ice shelf over basecamp Everst Base Camp weather every day!!

Look closely. Entrance to base camp at big round ball at bottom, where we were at upper right corner

everest glacier coming from right, turning left and heading down valley. EBC is at far left corner of glacier

mid glacier formations much below basecamp

further down the glacier

the 1,000 foot hill we needed to scale for memorial field

the valley we climbed up to get to base camp

entrance to the trail. See the two small bushes at bottom...its in there somewhere!

view from a town

how we knew our way home

trail down

pheasent I caught on film

flowering rhododendrum

two towns hours apart because the only way to get between them is down the valley

harvesting potatoes

town we stayed in

proof I made it...EBC baby

views from the trail

on a high trail


high on the trail

hiking up trail

ice falls everywhere

memorial for fallen climbers

down the valley we go

more valley shots

craig at base camp

base camp for peak freaks

high mountain shots

more high mountain shots

better base camp shot

peak freaks stupa

puja ceremony

team on puja day

kumbu icefall

ice formation

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