Saturday, April 2, 2011

some photos along the way from leaving kathmandu to namche bazaar

Coming into Namche Bazaar... named for the saturday event that is known nepal wide...our home for 2 days to acclimatize. From here on...internet may be spotty so I apologize for any delays but I can only update as their is a way to do it.
Just to prove I was there....yuck, yuck...

Here it is....with the jetstream winds coming off of the roof...first view of everest!

Now a view from right before where you get on....notice the wind blowing the prayer flags? 30 mph cross wind....very, very scary!

Take a look at the beautiful whitewater river...then notice the suspension bridge WAYYYY above it!

Entrance to Everest National Park (called sagarmatha in nepal)

Another of the many...

Yeah, I was MADE for this...LOL (ok, now the truth...these bridges bounce and sway and I had near panic attacks crossing them....yes, many fellow trekkers giggled about it...)

The first of many suspension bridges

Hiking out of Lukla....

See the cliff at the end? That is the fun of when we leave. No second chance.

Our climbing and trekking team were two of four flights that got in this day..heavy cloud cover turned several planes back...that and some turbulence over the mountains (ie your stomach drops out and one of the wings suddenly dips dramatically!

This proves it made it!! See the stone wall at the end of the runway? 900 ft airstrip (75% the size of an aircraft carrier) and no cable to stop you from the wall!

I think I read about these in the history books!

Our OLD flying tin can!

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