Sunday, May 15, 2011

Epilogue...sort of

There was a summit bid..but what happened? went down hard...thats what!! For almost 2 days the vehicle for sending the message out was unavailable. I hate when technology fails me...LOL

I share that not be in any way critical of those who tirelessly try to keep an application up, but as a metaphor for the reality of climbing. You never know how things are going to turn out until they do. When you plan, that is what is it is. The reality between dreams and how it turns out is what it is.

So, a day late and a dollar short, I just wanted to post that Peak Freaks had 4 successful climbers make it to the summit of the roof of the world, 7 others on the team make it to the summit and EVERY single expeditioner and support returned safely. That is a 20 year track record with bringing everyone home who went up. Bravo to all....Parties at Base Camp, pots banging and champagne corks popping around the world. There certainly was a certain special bottle of champagne that was enjoyed here celebrating what has been an odessey beyond what I realized there would be.

Now the rest of the teams trying to summit have their shot at the mountain, best of luck to all. To the Peak Freaks expeditioners, congrats to every one for their incredible personal sacrifice, I for one, applaud you each and every one. If you made it, my hat goes off to you for the success few in the world have achieved though many try. For those who did not quite make it...the mountain is still there and remains to tempt you back. With few exceptions, there is always tomorrow.

And for the Nepalize people...thank you so dearly for opening your arms, your world, your soul and your piece of heaven to those who dare to dream and seek their own personal xanadu.


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  1. Great job, Craig! Thanks for bringing your experience, and that of the rest of the expedition to life for us. It's been a fun ride. Namaste!