Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Training up

Trying to keep up a good training regime. Last week did 2.5hours and 3,000 elevation change up and down. Felt ok next day. Running on treadmill at a good clip and at ease with 45 minute runs. Only challenge is the weather.

Last weekend was a 3 foot snowfall. Unheard of for Baltimore. Took till Monday eve to get a plow into the neighborhood. Not exactly good treking weather. Great weather to test cold gear. That soared with flying colors. Got a slightly used convertible Marmot jacket that will easily be able to handle cold and rain. Not sure I'll even need a down jacket with this.

Hearing rumors about another big storm capable of up to 2 more feet. Anything like that hits and it will bring this town to its knees for days. Hard to hike when your back is toast from shoveling tons of snow......

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