Monday, March 8, 2010

Getting into the routine of it...

Lots of good workouts this past week. Long run Monday, in the gym on Tuesday, another long run Wednesday, then Friday did a 2,000 foot elevation change hike (1.5hrs) and an 8 mile run Saturday. Sunday was a "stretch how hard you can go" workout...3.5 hours and 3,500 feet up and 3,500 feet down for a total of 7,000 feet of elevation change. All 5 feet of snow had melted in the past 10 days and the ground is mush. Even found a new spring coming out of the side of a hill. Cleaned it away to make sure it flowed well and will get it tested. Having a clean spring available is a nice backup plan in case something happens and your water is out. Of course boiling and treating is still necessary, but still nice to have the resource.

Monday, I am sore.

Funny story. Went to get repeat blood work on my immunity (had no immunity to Hep A or B) since those are kind of basic immunizations and quite suprising that I wasn't immune. The technician wrote down the wrong code for one of the tests and instead of measuring immune response they only checked on whether I had exposure to Hep A (a communicable disease often transmitted via food) and indeed via the immunization I had exposure (a good thing). The Health Department then called my doc and only after a VERY long conversation did they figure out that yes, it was a GOOD thing that my test was positive and it showed that I WAS having an immune response to the vaccine. They still wanted to make sure I wasn't a restaurant worker. She assured them that I was an enthusiastic consumer, but I was not in the restaurant biz.

Hep B still not much response, but before they label me a 1%'r (one percent of the population have no immune response to a vaccine), they want me to get a third shot in another 3 months. Long after I am home again, but just the same.

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