Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day by Day Itinerary

I tried to figure out assuming travel is on time and there are no rain delays, no snow delays, no illness (I can wish can't I) or anything else, where we will be each day. Not that these villages are on anyones most visited list (oh, you just have to have the rice and beans in Dingboche, its to die for!), but in case you want to see when the group should be on a given day and the trail and where it goes, this is close to what is expected. The only locked in times are flights out and back...from there it is how the group is doing and how much high altitude illness and stomach sickness abounds. Unfortunately, in this decidedly developing part of the world, the santitation (lack thereof) is such that many trekkers succumb to debilitating gastric distress at some point in their travels. There is debate amongst experts if it is the combination of altitude and stomach illness that causes it to be so severe or just a lack of exposure to these bugs outside of the region, but it really doesn't matter, if the altitude doesn't get you then you still have to be careful of the cooties.

April 14 Leave Dulles 945pm
April 15 Arrive Frankfurt 1150am
April 15 Leave Frankfurt 3pm
April 16 Arrive Bangkok 640am
April 16 Leave Bangkok 1035am
April 16 Arrive Katmandu 1245pm
April 16-17 Stay at Yak ‘n Yeti, Katmandu, Nepal
April 18 Fly to Lukla, (the one, the only)...then trek to Phakding 8.700 ft 2-3hrs
April 19 Trek to Namche Bazaar 11,300 ft 4-6 hrs
April 20 Acclimization day in Namche Bazaar
April 21 Trek to Tengboche 12, 887 ft 4-7hrs
April 22 Trek to Dingboche 14,250 ft 4-6hrs
April 23 Acclimization day in Dingboche
April 24 Trek to Lobuche 16, 175 ft 4-6hrs
April 25 Trek to Gorak Shep (ascend Kala Pattar 18,450) and return for night 17,000 ft 6-7hrs
April 26 Trek to Base Camp and spend night 3-4hrs 17,750 ft
April 27 Day at Base Camp and return to Gorak Shep for night
April 28 Trek down to Pheriche 13,950ft 7-9hrs
April 29 Trek to Debuche 13,950ft 4-5hrs
April 30 Trek to Namche Bazaar 11,300ft 6-8hrs
May 1 Trek to Lukla, 9,350ft 6-8hrs
May 2 Fly to Katmandu, Stay in Yak ‘n Yeti
May 3 Leave Katmandu 6pm
May 3 Arrive Bangkok 1035pm
May 4 Leave Bangkok 110am
May 4 Arrive London 7am
May 4 Leave London 10 am
May 4 Arrive Dulles 130PM

I'm thinking world class jet lag at this point...any doubters?

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